Friday, January 8, 2010

I'm not complaining, but...

My New Year's resolution to complain less is being thwarted. Apparantly Satan isn't busy enough with the complete demoralization of the world's population and had enough time to send out his demons to challenge my little resolution. To keep from puffing him up with success, I'll only list a couple of the situations that caused my complaint meter to hit the red zone. I'm sure neither of these peeves apply personally to you. It probably won't surprise you, either, that both are driver related and have given me a much greater sympathy for road ragers.

This week's pet peeve #1: If you are turning left at a traffic light, use your turn signal (known in the south as your blinker). The blinker is a wonderful form of communication; it's consistent, non-threatening, and informative. That little light tells the other drivers all they need to know. Why, oh why, then are so many of you refusing to communicate with me? Are you trying to make me yell, "You're an Idiot!!!" at strangers in front of my children? If so, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You see, three mornings this week I sat at a traffic light waiting, with my left blinker on, for the non-blinker using car across the intersection from me to go straight when, SURPRISE, he turned left.
Is there some kind of traffic game I'm unaware of? "Let's see who can trick the most drivers by NOT using the blinker that came with the car." Fun! Once, the car behind me even honked at me as if I didn't know green meant go. Sheeeesh people! I wonder how many accidents happen because of blinker neglect? Are you afraid it's going to burn that why you refuse to use it? If I owned an insurance company, I would reward blinker using drivers with discount rates. The rest of you non-communicative blinker neglecters better not have a wreck--I'd charge you quadruple rates! Oh, and by the way, the blinkers work great for changing lanes, too!

This week's pet peeve #2: If you are in a fast-food drive-through lane, kindly pull your vehicle up closely to the vehicle in front of you. You see, when you leave a 1/2 car length between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you, you mess up the design of the drive-through lane. Some very intelligent and educated engineers came up with this design. In theory, it's flawless.
They just didn't account for people like you to use it. This seems to be where I always come in. I'm the car that has a semi-crazed, wild-haired woman half hanging out of the driver's window trying to yell the order into the speaker that's still five feet away because oblivious you "needed your space". It's another great scene for my children to witness. Lot's of uplifting comments are made my their mother at this time ("...her license should be revoked." "...has the sense of a bag of rocks." "...maybe you should drive a vehicle the size of your IQ."). There's a wonderful option for those of you, bless your hearts, who just can't judge the distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you: PARK AND GO INSIDE!

I'd like to say that those are the only things I've complained about this week, but I can't. Complaining is a stinky habit that takes awhile to break. It's funny how the little things, things that really don't matter at all, cause me to have the biggest blow-ups. These two peeves will always bug me (along with 462 other pet peeves I have), but my reaction is what I've got to work on. Satan will always try to block my progress, but I'm not giving up on the resolution to complain less just because I broke it (several times) in the first week. I don't know how long it will take me to change my mindset, but it sure would help if you would all use your blinkers and properly use the drive-through lanes. Just kidding...kind of.



  1. I'm going to share something with you that I read from a blog I follow this morning. Watch it daily if you have will be a great resource to help you overcome your complaining :)

  2. Thanks Julie. I enjoyed that. I'm following her now.