Friday, January 1, 2010

It's official...I'm boy crazy.

This is dangerous. I'm over the moon for this guy. He makes me giggle at inappropriate times. I'm often speechless because of something he's done. He melts my heart with those milk chocolate eyes. He covers my face in the sweetest kisses (okay, mostly zerbitzes). This could get really bad, really fast. He has me wrapped around his tiny finger.

It's official...I'm boy crazy over my boy. How am I supposed to discipline him effectively? I mean this toddler is cute! And he's hilarious. I find myself smiling while fussing. I mean, his pouty face is the cutest thing you've ever seen. It just cracks me up when he says, "You're a bad bad boy, Mommy!" while he's in time-out. It's amazing how he can turn on and off that pitiful, wailing, ear-piercing cry in a microsecond. He has mastered Mommy Manipulation at such a young age (two-and-a-half). I'm in trouble deep.

These are my symptoms:
1. I let him slobber all over my face after I've perfected my makeup.
2. I want to put a strangle-hold on the little boy at daycare that hit my boy.
3. I get up at 5:30 a.m. during vacation to watch Barney with him.
4. I constantly tell people, perfect strangers even, the cute things he says.
5. I let him help me "fold" the laundry (even though I have to do it all over again).
6. I give him a sucker every time he goes to the potty (a popscicle if he poops).
7. I want to cuddle with him often.
8. I miss him during my workday.
9. I worry about him.

I was head-over-heels for my daughter at this age, too. She was lovely, and sweet, and dainty, and patient, and quiet, and cuddly. I could take her anywhere. She was afraid of nothing (except bugs). She was so mild-mannered, people just marveled. She still is. She didn't seem to be upset by anything. She didn't whine much and was almost always happy. She spoke clearly, just not that often and very softly. She posed perfectly for photographs and shared with her friends. My daughter has never lied and never said "no" to anything she was told to do by her parents or teachers. I still don't think she's ever been angry. She just entered "Tweendom", so things are certainly changing in our relationship.

My boy, well he's afraid of everything (from Santa to green peas). He has temper tantrums. He says "NO" to everything he's asked to do. He yells, screams, spits, hits, bites, lies, whines, and cries over anything that doesn't go his way. He can be downright mean. He shares reluctantly and can be really bossy. His feet stink. He talks non-stop and purposely looks away from the camera when being photographed (just to tick me off). He has bad moods and is a real grump in the morning. He's rarely still and needs constant attention. He licks us. He spills everything. He picks his nose. He wears us out everyday.

But, he's charming, and creative, and funny, and sweet, and goofy, and silly, and weird, and smart. He cracks us all up daily. He has his own dance move and his hair sticks up no matter what we do. He tells elaborate stories and makes funny noises to get his sister to laugh. He pretends he's Superman and Spiderman even though he has never seen the shows. He has a huge laugh. He hugs us so hard it hurts. He holds our faces in both hands to center his good night kisses and tells us to "Sweep tight. See you in the mownin." He constantly wants to know which way we're going in the car ("this way or this way, Mommy?"). He's brutally honest at times ("Mommy, this dinner is yucky!"). He's a show-off and flirts with strangers. He struts. He sings. Every surface is for drumming. He looks beyond adorable in jeans, oxford shirt, sweater vest, and loafers (with white socks, of course). He's always excited to see us. He's perfected the art of Zerbitzing. He says "pwease", "thank you", and "scuse me". He squints when he smiles. He snorts when he laughs. He constantly needs wiping down. He ends every sentence with "Okay?" He has captured our hearts.

D.H. (Dear Hubby) and I had almost given up hope of having this child. It wasn't looking good and I was getting too old (so was D.H., but he doesn't have ovaries). We were getting close to deciding one child, since she was perfect, was just fine. Not what we'd planned, but life hadn't really ever gone by our plan. We were shocked when we found out about "it". I was at the top of the steps with pregnancy test in hand, and D.H. was at the bottom. "Really?" was all he said and then immediately went to buy another test to make sure. We told our daughter at 11 weeks. She was reservedly thrilled. She'd been an only child for almost 7 years; no concept of what a sibling would be like (I'm still not sure she's happy about this little "bother". She's usually the target of his wrath). Then we found out "it" was a boy. I couldn't believe God was giving me a boy to raise. What was I going to do with a boy? I'd planned on two girls...I had girly clothes and hair bows saved. What was he going to wear?

I've "questioned" God about this boy thing a lot over the past couple of years. I guess I was really questioning myself. I seemed to have no boy parenting skills and I'd apparently overestimated my girl parenting skills. I felt too tired, too old, too impatient, for this job. I think it was a little post-partum, mixed with turning 40, mixed with "life just sucks sometimes", mixed with financial stress, mixed with "mommy guilt", mixed with self-doubt, mixed with marriage stress. The fog is starting to lift now. I think I can do this. I think I'm meant to do this. I'm just CRAZY about my boy (and my tween girl). I can handle the whining, the messes, the temper tantrums, the grumpy mornings, the lack of sleep, and the worry. At 41, I still haven't learned that God's plan is THE plan. What a lot of wasted time and energy, huh? I'm so blessed to be the Mom of a beautiful girl AND a stinky boy. Now, if they'd just stop growing up so fast. Go hug your kids and give them a big, fat, Zerbitz, okay?

Nay (boy crazy mom)

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