Saturday, January 30, 2010

Still lost in LOST...

Like millions of others, I CANNOT WAIT until Tuesday night's premiere of LOST.  I've been hooked on this show since the first episode.  My mind has been twisted, I've gasped aloud, I've even stood up to watch out of shock and didn't even realize I was standing until the episode was over.  I always record the show even though I'm watching it just in case I lose consciousness.  A couple of times I just couldn't stay awake until the end of the episode, so I set my alarm to get up early to finish watching the next morning.  If I hadn't, someone would have told me what happened.  I couldn't allow that, could I?
I've tried to explain the show to non-watchers and sounded a lot like Hurley.  Those of you who are part of the "LOST Generation" probably understand this completely.  The rest of you (poor pitiful souls) could never relate.  It's okay.  We still accept you.  You can buy the complete series on dvd someday and relive what the rest of us have been going through for almost six years.  Of course, we had to wait (sometimes it seemed like forever) between episodes.  The cliffhangers won't rock you the same way since you can go to the next episode immediately.  But, you'll get the idea.
Also like millions of others, I'm still totally lost in LOST.  I don't know what is going on half the time I just know I have to watch.  I have not become a member of the obsessed LOST fannatic club that tries to make sense of every little thing each week and guesses at the outcome of each season.  Some of those people need therapy (or maybe a blog).  There are so many scenarios floating around out there that I get even more confused.  I'm sure there's a deeper meaning to much of the happenings, but I'll just wait until it's all revealed to "get it".  I do have a LOST buddy that texts back and forth with me during the show.  She's got a better memory than me, so I benefit greatly.  But even though I'm in an almost constant state of confusion while watching (and afterwards), it's still the most intriguing show I've ever watched (and that's saying a lot since, yes, I'm a tv addict).
So, as an avid fan of LOST who has seen every episode and is so excited about the last season, I will list for you what I KNOW about LOST.  I'm sure it's all you'll need to catch up if you haven't been watching regularly (dripping in sarcasm).  Please feel free to add to the list.  It has been awhile (like almost a year!) since I've seen an episode.

1.  Jack loves Kate
2.  Kate loves Jack
3.  Kate loves Sawyer
4.  I love Sawyer
5.  Sawyer loves Kate
6.  Sawyer loves Juliet
7.  Kate has freckles
8.  Ben is evil
9.  Ethan was/is super creepy
10.  Hurly has maintained his weight and talks to ghosts 
11. Desmond loves Penny
12. Desmond played Jesus in The Book of John (so when Desmond curses, it really bothers me)
13.  Jacob didn't look like I thought he would
14.  Jack's dad is Claire's dad
15.  Charlie loved/loves Claire
16.  Sayid kills people
17.  Ben lies
18.  Magnets can be ferocious
19.  Locke rocks on multiple levels
20.  Penny's father is evil--maybe even Ben evil
21.  I thought I saw the Smoke Monster in my backyard once
22.  Time travel causes headaches
23.  Aaron is going to need a good therapist
24.  Sun loves Jin
25.  Sawyer loves the 70s
26.  The writers of LOST are either geniuses or mad men

I'm actually glad this is the last season of LOST.  Sure, I'll miss it, but I'm DYING to have all the questions answered.  And they better be answered!  I mean every single one.  I'll let you know.

Lost and loving it,

P.S.  Is anyone more terrifying than Ben Linus?

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