Friday, February 12, 2010

"love" list 2010

I've never been a fan of Valentine's Day.  I would rank it way down my holiday list--somewhere above Groundhog's Day and below April Fool's Day.  It seems like a holiday aimed at trying to destroy anyone that's still hanging on to their New Year's resolution to lose weight.  It's an expensive holiday, also.  I told Dear Hubby years ago to stop wasting money on flowers.  I don't consider them a good representation of love since they begin dying as soon as they're cut.  D.H. is always welcome to buy me chocolate.  If he only did so once a year, we'd need some intense counseling.  

Being a high school teacher, I see a lot of "young love", broken hearts, and general teen angst.  Being the non-romantic, non-mushy, non-sentimental, quasi-sarcastic (okay, drop the quasi) person I am, I don't pay it much mind and I'm certainly not the one the girls choose to cry to when boys break up with them the week before Valentine's Day or prom.  I do, however, hear the word "love" several hundred times a week from the mouths of these teens.  They use the word so much, its meaning is lost.  Just this week I heard, "I love my Dad right now so much more than my Mom." and "I love Chick-Fil-A so much!" from the mouth of a young lady within a three minute time period.  Now, I don't believe she loves Chick-Fil-A more than or equal to the love she has for her parents (although those are some good nuggets), but she just threw the word around without thinking about it.  Perhaps, she has a limited vocabulary... or maybe she's just like the rest of us. 

So, in the spirit of a holiday that irritates me a bit, I've created a list of things I "love"--one for each year I've lived.  Try to hold back your excitement and feel free to comment if we share any "loves". 
[D.H., parents, daughter, son, sister, niece, friends, dog, etc. are not on the list because I LOVE them.  This is a "love" list--a very different thing than a LOVE list.]

 Renee's "love" list 2010:
  1. a book I can't put down
  2. a movie I'm totally swept up in (it's been awhile...)
  3. alone time
  4. Bounce Fresh Linen dryer sheets
  5. bacon, very crispy
  6. online shopping
  7. receiving online shopping packages
  8. towels right out of the dryer
  9. almond M&Ms
  10. caramel corn
  11. hot coffee
  12. The Pioneer Woman
  13. a clean kitchen (I probably should put that on the "dream" list 2010)
  14. folk music
  15. ice water
  16. Netflix
  17. when my Ipod on shuffle setting knows just what I need to hear
  18. sleeping solid until the alarm clock goes off
  19. not setting the alarm clock 
  20. having nowhere to go and nothing to do (and when does THAT happen?)
  21. coupons that actually save me money
  22. Comcast On Demand
  23. movie popcorn with butter
  24. Milk Duds
  25. Panera Bread
  26. cilantro
  27. roller coasters
  28. cuff watches
  29. check lists with everything crossed off (see #20 part b)
  30. a cozy fire
  31. sippy cups that don't leak
  32. staying in our budget (see #20 and #29 part b)
  33. cheese
  34. olives
  35. how I feel AFTER a good run (not during... that's a different list)
  36. Chili's "Bottomless" chips and salsa
  37. Broadway musicals
  38. bubble wrap
  39. lavender
  40. not bringing work home
  41. rocking chairs