Sunday, April 4, 2010

How this whole thing got started...

Back in December, I began this blog with plans to write every couple of days.  Ha!  I hoped to relieve stress by "writing it out" and make the world a much better place with my wisdom and wit.  Ha Ha!  Really, I just thought it would be a good idea to start writing again.  I had no idea what shape the blog would take until the "infamous" trampoline incident at the end of 2009 (see my first post).  I named my blog "My Trampoline Life" because of that incident and the fact that my life seems to be full of a lot of ups and downs, most of which I don't handle very well (like a poorly executed trampoline landing after a too high jump).  For the last three months, the trampoline just sat there, freezing, fighting the icy winds...waiting for little feet.  Now that spring has sprung, the trampoline springs have been working overtime.  My son asks every afternoon (and at bed time, and first thing in the morning, and whenever he's awake...) if he can jump on the "tampoween".  His sister enjoys it, too, and wants to add a basketball goal so she'll be able to practice dunking (maybe the WNBA will start a trampoline basketball don't know).  I've jumped a little myself.  I'll admit:  Santa made a good call on that monstrosity.  See for yourself...

Who knew a trampoline was such a great place to capture my kids for more forced pictures?

I know everyone struggles with the "downs" of  life.  I'm certainly not alone.  I've got to stay more focused on the "ups" and jumping as high as I can (attitude adjustment mandatory).  I hope your "ups" have a lot of "hang time" (and a Michael Jordan style slam dunk every now and then) and your "downs" are extra springy.  Not exactly the "Irish Blessing", but you catch my drift.

Thanks for reading!