Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Senior Moments...

I know it's been forever (okay, like two months) since I've blogged about anything, but I doubt you've missed me all that much.  It wasn't that I wasn't having "bloggable moments", I just didn't have/make time to blog about them.  Now that it's June, I plan on writing more often.  Please hold your applause.  It's deafening.
You see, spring is "senior season".  Since I teach high school seniors and am responsible for planning the senior events, I get a bit stressed out in April and May.  Let me define a bit stressed out:  I can't sleep, when I do I have nightmares of not being able to find the graduation ceremony or the diplomas, I develop an eyelid twitch that lasts until the last senior crosses the stage at graduation, I talk to myself outloud (okay, I do that year round--but a lot more in April and May),  I make checklists on any scrap of paper lying in my path, my head hurts for six straight weeks, my family eats canned soup, boxed cereal, frozen pizza, or take-out for weeks on end, and we live completely out of laundry baskets.  I think you get the idea.  So blogging was, let's just say, on the back burner...of somebody else's stove. 

Don't get me wrong; I enjoy my job and I love my seniors.  Seniors are a special group to teach, especially at a small Christian school like where I work.  I've taught all the middle and high school grades, and seniors are by far my favorite.  I get really close to the group each year and I'm pretty protective of them.  But, about March I'm ready for those little birdies to leave the nest.  They become a little...what's the word...oh yeah...UNBEARABLE!!!  Senioritis is a real, infectious, devastating, irritating, annoying disease.  Someday I may do my dissertation on Senioritis.  I've seen enough cases to have volumes of research.  The sweetest kid can become an eye-rolling, complaining, whining, self-centered, lazy human-like creature.  I've had the valedictorian of the class look at me and say, in her sweetest tone, "no offense, but I'm not doing anymore homework.  I'm just done."  And just when I think I can't handle another class period of whining about their teachers, parents, homework, tests, and society in general, and brilliant statements about the worthlessness of education, something magical happens.  I call it, the Senior Moment.  Right at the very end of their twelve-year "prison sentences", they get sweet again.  It doesn't last long; maybe a couple of days on average.  You have to watch for it, but it's there.  You can almost get a glimpse of that little five year old kindergarden student on his first day of school.  They're not so anxious to leave, they hug on each other (and me if I don't get out of the way),  they reminisce and laugh and cry, they bring photos and look over yearbooks, some say thank you, and a few even write me nice notes.  Without fail, they ask if they're my favorite senior class ever.  I tell them they are one of my favorites and that I will miss them.  And, I do miss them (but I don't want them to come back).  It's their time to cross into the beginning of adulthood, armed or not with the knowledge they'll need.

I love the Senior Moments I've had over my eighteen years of teaching.  They've made me feel good about the future.  Most of these pain-in-the-neck seniors are going to turn into lovely, educated, hard-working, play-ball-with-their-kids, good American citizens.  I've been teaching long enough to see it happen over and over.  So, the stress is worth it in the end and come August, it starts all over again with a new group of seniors.
Oh my....August is only two months away.  I just love June and July, don't you?  I think June and July should have 45 days each.  I'm writing Congress...  Will you sign my petition?

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  1. your blog is wonderful!!! it feel like yesterday i was just sitting in your class and then poof 10 years later...oh my. lol. keep on writing and i will keep on reading!!!! :) xoxoxox!