Wednesday, July 7, 2010

100 Word Review: Cutting For Stone

I have decided to try something new.  As I finish reading a book, I'm going to review it here in 100 words...exactly.  I don't like to read long, drawn-out, spoiler, book reviews, so you won't find that here.  I should hopefully be able to persuade you to read, or not read, a book in 100 words.  I have found book reviews to be a lot like politics:  both sides are right and wrong...and wordy.  Those who like a book are right, except to those who disliked it.  Those who dislike a book are right, except to those who liked it.  So, whether I like a book or not, 100 words is all you get.  And, I promise not to give away too much of the story.  Here we go...      

Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese

This book has all the elements of a GREAT story:  
forbidden love, death, consequences, journey, luck, secrets, betrayal, fate, forgiveness.

A nun...a nine-fingered surgeon...
a terrifying flight...
a yearly contract...
twin boys...a girl...revolution...
a motorcycle...disease...

Entertaining. Engrossing. Endearing.
Educational. Exceptional. Epic.

Dr. Abhi Ghosh has been added to my list of fictional characters I'd most like to meet.

Made me want to try Ethiopian Addis Ababa.

Made me appreciate the sacrifices a surgeon makes to be a surgeon.

Skillfully written.  Technically brilliant. 


Do yourself a this book.


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