Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Early Bird...and The Thankful Worm

My Darling Son has never slept in on a Saturday morning, and today is no exception.  He rolled out of bed full-steam at 6:12 demanding his cup of milk and chocolate chip granola bar.  I've wished so many times that he would sleep late...just maybe I could.  But, alas, he's an early bird...and I'm the worm. 

While I was checking my email...blurry-eyed...wishing I was snoozing away like Dear Hubby and Delightful Daughter, Darling Son was curled up in his Daddy's chair watching cartoons.  Suddenly he says, "Mommy, can you come over here and give me a big ol' hug?  I just love you and you're awesome!" 

What a hug it was.  Better than sleeping in, by a long shot.  I'm glad I'm the worm.  I'm one thankful worm.

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