Friday, December 31, 2010

100 Word Review: Sworn to Silence

If you are a fan of crime/thriller novels, then you may have heard of Sworn to Silence by Linda Castillo.  I saw it on multiple "to-be-read" lists on and it has good reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.  It was also a NYT bestseller, so I downloaded it to my Kindle and began reading it on Christmas Eve.  Maybe this thriller was a poor choice for the holiday.  Maybe I should have chosen an inspirational book or a historical romance for this time of year.  I wasn't aware of what I was getting into, that's for sure.  If you are a big fan of Criminal Minds, CSI, and other crime shows, you will probably enjoy this book.  I enjoy those shows, but I'm uncomfortable with how explicit some of the material can be.  I often get completely "creeped out" by them (especially Criminal Minds).  This book is very much like that, but with the freedom to be completely graphic where network television (and even cable) cannot go.  I had a little trouble sleeping a couple of nights and I'm glad I am finished with this work of crime fiction (please, oh please, let it be completely fiction). 

Here's my 100 word review of Sworn to Silence by Linda Castillo.

An evil, sadistic, serial killer in a small Ohio town.
An Amish girl fights back ending the killing spree.
No one must know...A family sworn to silence.
Sixteen years later, the killer returns.
But, how?  Who will stop him?

Graphic violence...way too much for me.
Horrific detail...really hard to read.
Excessive bad language...gratuitous.

The plot seemed very a Lifetime Channel movie.  I Googled to find out if a television movie had been made (not yet).
Too much of the crime story...not enough of the much more interesting Amish story.

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