Friday, February 4, 2011

100 Word Review: These is My Words

Why did I not know about this book before now?  How did I miss this little jewel for so long?  I love historical fiction, so you think I would have had this on my TBR list a long time ago.  It was published in 1998 (which only seems like a couple of years ago to me), but I had never heard of it until suggested it for me recently.  Thank you, Amazon!  You were right again!  This is a wonderful book for many reasons, but mostly because of the clear and empowering voice of Sarah, the "narrator".  I will definitely read the next two books in the series.  Hopefully my short review will convince you to pick up These is My Words by Nancy Turner.  I'll guarantee you won't want to put it down once the story gets rolling along (in a covered wagon, of course).
Here's my 100 word review of These is My Words

A 19th century tale of the frontier, the importance of family, genuine love, and heartwrenching loss.
An emotional twenty year journey told through Sarah's journal entries.

Colorful, unforgettable characters...
An enduring love story...


Through Sarah, author Nancy Turner wraps words around the real emotions surrounding marriage, motherhood, family, and friendship that sear into readers.

A wonderful emphasis on the importance of, and desire for, education.

This story made me smile, gasp, and literally sob; but mostly, it warmed my heart and made me remember to appreciate each day.

An absolute treasure.



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  1. THe last two 100 reviews have left me dying to get to the book store. I however, unlike you will be a bit slower to start...nonetheless, I will read them. Thanks!